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Surveys & Inspections

Shipboard Surveys and Inspections.

We provide detailed and comprehensive solutions which ensure client satisfaction and subsequent value addition. We also suggest ideas and opportunities to clients and develop Confidential Project Reports to give a concrete shape to these ideas. 

Upon completion of audit / inspection, a comprehensive report will be submitted to the client which will include :-

a. Detailed analysis of the system 

b. Minute /Detailed listing of the  

    deficiencies/gaps /problematic areas 

c. Preventive actions required / Operational

    Effectiveness and Controls

d. Feedback/Suggestions 

e. Photos of the vessel and key operations


We carry out following audits during shipboard visits as per client’s requirements:

1. ISM, ISPS, MLC, Environmental, H&S and

    Navigational Safety Audits.

2. Pre-vetting inspection of oil, chemical, gas

    tankers for SIRE, CDI inspections. 

3. Navigation Audits announced and  

    unannounced. Additionally Bridge Team  


4. Port Captaincy.

5. Initial and Out turn surveys for tankers

6. On / Off Hire Bunker surveys

7. Third Party representation on behalf of

    Charterers and Owners

8. Tank cleaning supervision; Chemical and

    Oil Tankers

9. CAS CAP survey preparations

10. Pre-dry dock preparation and dry dock


11. Safety officer - Dry Docking 

12. Accident/ Incident Investigations

13. All operational aspects of LPG & LNG


14. Delivery/ Redelivery Surveys

15. Records Inspection.

16. Ship's Pre-purchase Superficial


17. Ship's Delivery to Buyers Surveys.

18. Shipboard  Bridge team management

      assessment & confirm same by VDR

      investigation and analysis..

19.  Providing complete solution in obtaining

       Safety Management Certificate (SMC) &

       ISPS & MLC 2006 Interim till obtaining  

       Full term certificate. 

Cargo related Surveys and Inspections.

We conduct marine inspections and surveys, spanning across different vessel types and cargoes ranging from but not limited to Oil, Chemical, Liquified Gas, Bulk, Containers and RoRo / PCC cargo.

We conduct :-

1. Cargo expediting, Supercargo and port

    Captaincy for bulk, oil, chemical and gas  


2. Attendance/ Guidance for change of  

    cargo grade.

3. Safety Officers – Cargo Operations.

4. Draft Surveys.

5. Break bulk cargo tally and condition


6. Loss control-minimization of cargo losses

    / Cargo Damage Surveys

7. Expeditor services for dry cargoes

8. Assist in Container vessel planning,

    monitoring and operations

Shore Surveys and Inspections.

1. Shore Office audits and assistance in

    external audits for Document of

    Compliance (DOC) and ensure

    compliance with:

a. OHSAS 18001 : Occupational Health and

    Safety Management Systems

b. ILO 2001 Guidelines for Occupational

    Health and Safety Systems

c. ISO 14001 : Environmental Management


d. ISO 9001 : Quality Management Systems

We provide a highly innovative service where you benchmark your level of ashore compliance with other operators where we provide :-

• Office Audit to the standards identified by

   the client.

• Identification of Key Strengths and       

   Weaknesses, including any high risk areas

• Recommendations for Improvement

2. Prepare and assist in external audits  

    carried out by Oil majors to confirm with 

    TMSA  II requirements (Tanker Managt

    Self-Assessment II).

3. Shore and Fleet-wide Implementation of

    Tanker Management Self-Assessment as

    per OCIMF guidelines

4. Reviewing Safety Management Systems

    for shore Office and Vessels to

    international standards

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