SMS Support & Maintenance

We conduct gap analysis and update the company’s Safety Management System in compliance with all the rules and regulations and the standards of the industry.


Starting any new project will require assessment of your existing systems and processes.

We provide Gap Analysis against :-

• ISO 9001 / ISO 14001 / OHSAS 18001 / ISO


• ILO Maritime Labour Convention

• Tanker Management & Self-Assessment

   (TMSA III)  (From 1st April 2017)

On completion report will highlight :-

• List of deficiencies found (gaps) and

   categorisation of same

• Analysis of actions required as necessary


SMS implementation requires a tremendous amount of the documentation to properly upkeep.

We provide FULL SMS support tailored to each client's specific needs including:-

1. Review existing SMS to fully fit client


2. Development of initial ISM /ISO/ISPS

    system implementation instructions

3. Continuous support including 24/7 full

    telephone / fax / mail support

4. Support on Vessel reporting, analysis and

    follow up of N/Cs, incidents, near misses,

    drills etc.

5. Visit ships for familiarisation, training,

    auditing and monitoring.


We provide a fully up to date support for all documentation placed onboard and ashore in line with the latest requirements covering:-

• Update on all SMS systems with

   regulations due for implementation

• Update on all Shipboard Manuals

• Update on all Logs and Record Books on-

   board Vessels

• Digitilaisation of all manuals both on board  

   & office.

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