Plans & Manuals

“ Synergetic Shipping Solutions can effectively develop user friendly manuals and plans which are in compliance with legislation”

SYNERGETIC Shipping Solutions  have effectively developed user friendly manuals and plans in compliance with legislation listed below :-

Ship Specific Manuals

1.  SOPEP (Shipboard Oil Pollution

    Emergency Plan)

2. SMPEP (Shipboard Marine Pollution

    Emergency Plan)

3. Panama Canal Shipboard Oil Pollution

    Emergency Plan (PC SOPEP)

4. Ship Security Plan (ISPS SSP)

5.  Ballast Water Management Manual

6.  Garbage Management Plan

7. Cargo Securing Manual

8. Procedures & Arrangements (P&A) 

9. Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)

10. Ship To Ship (STS) Transfer Manual

11. Emergency Towing Booklet (ETB) 

12. USA – Vessel General Permit (VGP)

13. Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan


14. SOLAS Training Manual / Safety Training

15. SOLAS Fire Safety Operational Booklet /

      Fire Training Manual

16. Sewage Pollution Prevention Plan

17 .Ship Bio Fouling Management Plan

18. Shipboard Oily Waste Prevention Plan

19. ASBESTOS Materials Management Plan

20. Persons Recovery from Water

21. Fuel Oil Management Plan

22. SOLAS Maintenance Manual

23. EU MRV Monitoring Plan

Company Manuals

A) International Safety Management Manual

     in accordance with Company's SMS (ISM


B) ISM Form System as paper based or

     computer based (Microsoft Excel ®) 

C) International Standards Organization

     Manual in accordance with Company's

     ISO System (ISO Manual)

D) Environmental Management Manual



1. Ballast Water Record Book

2. Garbage Record Book

3. SOLAS Maintenance Record Book

4. EPA VGP Record Book

5. Medical Record Book

6. ECDIS Log Book

7. Ozone Depleting Substances (ODS)

    Record Book

Training Manuals

1. EPA VGP Training Manual

2. Risk Training Manual

3. Drills Training Manual

4. Environmental Training Manual (USA ECP


5. Energy Efficiency Training Manual

6. MLC Training Manual

7. Vector Management Plan

8. ECDIS Management Manual

This list is not exhaustive. Please send your enquiry for any other documentation or plan to be created/renewed/upgraded to our office staff at following contact details.

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