Incident Investigation & Solution.

Incident Investigation

One of the key issues that have to be properly managed in today’s industry is the incident investigation process involving Flag, Class, Underwriters, Oil majors, Vetting Departments etc.)

We provide a highly efficient support service including:

• Full investigation of the incident

• Further follow up on the identification of corrective / preventive


• Recommendations for Improvement & Lessons Learned analysis. 

The service is provided in order to assist operators to properly respond to the requirements, so benefits include :-

    • Prompt Response in a highly professional manner

    • Full proof report that will ensure operations continuity at all times

    • Full follow up on all corrective / Preventive actions identified

Remote Navigation Auditing

Present practices used to assess and enhance Navigational safety is :

a) Navigational Audit (Internal and External)

b) Vetting inspections

But unfortunately the limitations of these practices are: 

a)  These audits are announced audits, which provide sufficient time

      for preparation.

b)  These type of audits are mostly conducted while vessel is not  

      navigating and the audit scope is limited to verification of

      Navigational records & equipment.

c)  Report is prepared based on the assessment of limited time

     period and not necessarily cover critical phases of Navigation.

d)  Behavioral aspects of Navigating Officers are not being effectively


Our audit service supported by a comprehensive analytics of VDR data captures actual performance of the bridge team covering all phases of Navigation and provides detailed information/report of Bridge Team complying with the companies Navigational procedures /practices and focusses on imbibing discipline within the Bridge team.

This proactive analysis of VDR data on a regular basis will provide an important tool to assess bridge team performance, helps to identify & implement preventive measures and reinforce positive operational safety culture within the bridge team.

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