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Remote Navigation Audit

VDR /S-VDR Analysis

VDR ANALYSIS or Remote Navigation Audit Service

VDR ANALYSIS is an invaluable and efficient tool to prevent 'NAVIGATIONAL INCIDENTS'.
 In spite of various advancements in technological tools, the importance of "Situational Awareness" and "Human Elements" in safe ship-board navigation is of paramount importance & remains the focus of various quality control checks through audit and inspections.


SYNERGETIC conducts a very comprehensive VDR analysis with graphical representation of Critical parameters (depending on data extracted from VDR or SVDR onboard the vessel). 


It is clear that significant benefits can be derived from post-incident analysis and VDRs can help in improving safety at sea, particularly relating to -


1. Accident investigation

2. Bridge Team Training

3. Promoting best practice and accident prevention

4. Assessment of response to safety and environment emergencies

5. Reduction in insurance losses (Safety at sea, 2001)


Our VDR Analysis audit service supported by a comprehensive analytics of VDR data captures actual performance of the bridge team covering all phases of Navigation and provides detailed information/report of Bridge Team complying with the companies Navigational procedures /practices and focusses on imbibing discipline within the Bridge team.


We draft a complete VDR analysis report which is acceptable standard to any auditing authority including TMSA, OCIMF etc. Few of the many items which form a part of the VDR analysis report are – 


1.  Introduction of the event for which VDR analysis is being done

2.  Complete background of the situation

3.  Explanation of event

4.  Screenshots and pointers for each critical expalnation

5.  All Good Practices undertaken

6.  All Near-misses occurred

7.  All Observations occurred

8.  All Non-Conformances occurred

9.  Reference of Rules & Regulations each of above is not complying

10.  Suggestions for Good practices

11.  Training needs & Suggestions

12.  Comparative analysis with Industry Metrics


This proactive VDR analysis on a regular basis will provide an important tool to assess bridge team performance, helps to identify & implement preventive measures and reinforce positive operational safety culture within the bridge team.


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